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Al Fatah Water and Power Advantages

With offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Yanbu, Jubail, and Jazan, Al Fatah W&P is strategically placed to support clients in Saudi Arabia.

With solid experience of designing and building water desalination and treatment plants, Al Fatah W&P has a sound understanding of water desalination and treatment processes.

As part of Al Bakri Group, Al Fatah W&P is able to capitalize on the corporate strengths of a group that has a successful track record for over 30 years. Water R&D and operations hands-on experience makes us well positioned to serve our clients.

Your business is important. We understand that and we work to compliant your business. We succeed when your success is achieved. We tone-in to your requirements and provide you with the best service possible. Be it an engineering innovation, a proper simple design, urgent execution without compromise, reliable operation and maintenance, or a tailor-made solution. We focus on the client’s requirements. We are committed to continually try to add value to your business.

Al Fatah W&P advantages felt in its simple approach to business that reflects in a sound design, proper choice of technology, and solidly specified components. Quality standards, choice of materials, and maximum plant life and reliability are some of our strengths.

Al Fatah W&P designed, built and currently operate one of largest seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants in Saudi Arabia.

Al Fatah W&P is quickly becoming one of the major private sector companies with an impressive successful track record, serving the Saudi market.